Power & Energy

We fulfill the contingent IT requirement which spans the entire value chain in the petrochemical sector, including upstream, downstream, on shore and off shore exploration and production engineers. Our experts will collaborate with leading energy companies to assist them in meeting competitive challenges leading to advancement in the journey towards high and efficient performance. Our staff professionals are specialized in various areas of power plants – Electric, gas, nuclear, hydroelectric, ranging in production, procurement, transportation, storage, distribution, including alternate and renewable energy sectors. Energy consumption is a pretty vital part of our security, global economy and environment. North Point has helped different power and energy companies improve reliability, reduce cost and implement best practices to increase the effectiveness of their IT operations. We are here to help companies take advantage of new market structures and opportunities. Our industry experts are here to help companies adapt to new ways of doing business and rethinking major processes and embrace philosophy approach from outside the industry. Our goal is to improve capacity for future improvements and change with technologies to support growth and acquisition to meet regulatory mandates. North Point is focused on deliberate growth that will enable and maximize our client’s reputation and business.

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