Oil & Gas

North Point has been working with oil and gas companies to solve their most difficult challenges — managing and understanding the vast amounts of data they collect, helping them transform their business processes, which will turn into effective solutions for the business.

North Point has a robust portfolio of upstream and downstream solutions and capabilities that are rooted in a strong scientific culture in which we possess. Our team of experts has processed the technology that is recognized throughout the oil and gas industry. We have the right experts to bring the right kind of innovation, along with a deep understanding of the operations and systems that make up the business.

Holistic project planning practices can maximize a project’s value through to its entire lifecycle, from appraisal through to operations and eventual disposal.

Long-term viability in all projects in the fundamental aspect to any proposed development, so it is important to conduct a full technical and commercial viability review of the design using inputs from stakeholders who are running the project.

North Point has in place a maintenance and reliability plan which is geared exclusively to the oil and gas industry in North America. It showcases the best ways to address critical performance concerns.

Whether it’s exploring the most distant projects, our experience gained in the past has allowed our customers to realize and know they can rely on North Point’s deep industry experience to meet their needs.

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