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The healthcare & pharmaceutical industry is a challenging and high demand industry. North Point provides specialized superior healthcare staff for health care facilities. We possess the resources and capability with experts to fulfill requirement/vacancies, departmental staffing and healthcare facility staffing. North Point is geared to provide innovative resources to enable our clients to be a successful part of such a competitive industry. Improving the efficiency of medical facilities, maximizing the revenue of medical facilities and developing the proper tools to aid and improve services, streamline operations and increase medical readiness. We are dedicated to servicing our customers with a business model based on innovation, customer satisfaction, sustainability and operational efficiency.

Our IT and healthcare experts deliver cost-effective solutions that help clients to gain empowerment when making decisions about healthcare. Through our collaborative services, technical skills and expert knowledge, we have helped clients through effective solutions that dramatically increase business. We have assisted clients to build awareness, increase analytical capabilities and ensure data integrity.

Under increasing pressure from the public, the federal government, and from within, health care companies are poised to undergo massive change in information technology-ultimately providing electronic health records for everyone through a network of decentralized databases.

Skyrocketing costs and resulting healthcare reform mandates demand transformation from the healthcare community. Responding to this unprecedented change and achieving high performance means using knowledge in new ways—from the back office to the doctor’s office—to help our clients deliver more effective, efficient and affordable healthcare.

Holistic framework provides health care practitioners and organizations assess and overcome e-health challenges. Health care organizations are making unprecedented investments in e-health systems. While it’s easy to appreciate the potential advantages of such systems—including reduced errors, greater efficiency, lower costs and, ultimately, better care—it isn’t so easy for organizations to develop and execute an effective approach.

North Point has solutions in place for critical challenges and proposes a new Information Governance Framework for Health. Drawing on what North Point has learned through e-health implementations, the framework articulates the five highly interrelated disciplines of information governance:

Our knowledge and depth of experience in the health care and life sciences industries, and the technology solutions helps clients quickly achieve their business goals.

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