Federal & State Government Agencies

North Point Corp, provides solutions and service development that enables federal, state and local agencies to improve performance and meet mandated objectives in a timely manner.

GSA Information Technology (IT) schedule 70, the most widely used contract to offer comprehensive solutions virtually any information technology such as equipment, software and service requirements which will enable North Point IT Corp. to offer cutting edge information technology and solution development services to various federal agencies. IT Schedule 70 allows for choice, flexibility, ease of use and access to the highest quality of IT products, services and solutions for bigger industries, as well as small businesses.

GSA IT Schedule will enable North Point Corp. to offer great solution advantages over procuring on the open market:
– GSA has determined prices under schedule contracts to be fair and reasonable.
– Synopses are not required for schedule purchases.
– Schedule contracts have been awarded in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations

With a GSA Schedule, the government (federal, state, local agencies) has already negotiated contract prices, terms and conditions, therefore, the lead/administrative time required to obtain services and products is dramatically reduced.

Upon successfully awarding of the GSA IT Schedule 70, North Point IT Corp. will offer a complete single-source solution and technologies from numerous specialists in the field as required.

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