Enterprise Data Services

With deep domain and process expertise in the enterprise data area, North Point’s services directly impact the way processes and workflows are organized in a typical technology services firm. This helps ensure that the data used for business processing and regulatory oversight is of high quality, accessible, and easy to integrate into downstream system. It also ensures the data is comparable across multiple sources without the necessity of additional transformation or the need for manual reconciliation. Our offerings take the shape of:

Assessment Services: Our experts can perform a wide variety of assessment services from data maturity assessment & strategy, downstream on-boarding analysis, and decommissioning strategy definition.

Building Services: North Point has the ability to build data management infrastructure from the ground up. Our experts can perform a wide variety of building services including security master creation and client master creation.

Integration Services: North Point has the ability to perform the integration of consuming applications and new data feeds into the firms existing data management infrastructure. Our experts possess an Integration Toolkit with pre-built adapters for different consuming applications, master data systems, and data sources.

Operation Services: North Point has the ability to perform QA operations, production support operations, data cleansing operations, and full managed data service operations. Our experts have pre-build utilities and tools for data comparison, entity / instrument

Data Warehousing

Data Warehouse requires applications to provide point-of-sale (POS) information and industry expertise through the consumer panel, retail sales tracking services, special reports, and custom research. It help clients understand and profit from consumer and retail trends, identifying new business opportunities, guiding new product development, developing marketing strategies and enhancing sales force performance with an increase in market share. Research Analysis Data and online information regarding Consumer Panel are stored in a big data-mart. Panel and discrete data are processed using ETL applications from heterogeneous systems; XML, EXCEL, Flat files, CSV's and direct from database. Modules include Loading, Stage Data Creation, BRE (Rules Editing), and Cache file creation, Projection, Calibration and Reporting. Hundreds of dynamically generated Power View reports are used to facilitate decision making and strategy planning for industry expertise. Services provided for the leading global provider of consumer and retail market research information.

Business Intelligence

As organizations prepare for return to growth, they need a balanced set of capabilities to outperform the competition. But, competitors are always changing the rules and organizations must continually revisit strategies for managing growth, innovation, cost and risk. North Point's competitive intelligence solutions help you in the early identification of risks and opportunities in the market before they become obvious. North Point's Technology automatically crawls the web data to extract relevant market and competitor information. North Point federates this extracted information with enterprise information enabling you to validate/evaluate/reassess your growth initiatives. Conventional tools are not only limited in the data structures they can integrate within the enterprise, most are incapable of the twin actions of automating data extraction from the web and integrating such data with enterprise data.

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