Enterprise Application Services

Enterprise applications are a critical foundation for organizations to automate business operations. A flexible and effective IT applications backbone is essential to managing the requirements of any business. However, most IT organizations struggle to cost-effectively implement and manage their enterprise application portfolio due to significant challenges in aligning the implementation with business requirements, while working with outsourced service partners, because of a collaboration gap among the functional, technical, development, and support resources.

The efficient US based service model developed by Systems In Motion enables tight integration of business and IT for new transformation projects and existing enterprise applications. We provide package applications solutions for both on-premise and on-demand systems through our Enterprise Applications Center of Expertise.

The services cover the entire applications lifecycle, ERP, CRM and SCM, leveraging deep expertise in packaged applications suites from SAP and Oracle, including:

Our team of senior technology architects and enterprise application implementation consultants work closely with customers to improve or re-design key business processes. Systems in Motion uses a tailored methodology to rollout and launch enterprise applications aligned with customer business needs. The methodology is designed with a focus on issues like standardizing processes, creating real-time insight, accelerating time-to-market and increasing application ROI.

SOA & BPM Practice

Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) is an architectural style that helps achieve tighter Business-IT alignment to create new business processes or modify existing business processes. Such agility paves way for Business Process Management (BPM) to provide visibility, understanding, and control over processes that reside anywhere in an extended enterprise, across any combination of people, systems, and corporate boundaries. Combination of SOA and BPM defines your organizations agility and competitiveness. North Point is your trusted partner as you attempt to transform your enterprise as agile and competitive.

With a large pool of certified integration and SOA experts in our Center of Excellence, and aided by robust tools, methodologies, templates, and accelerators, we work with you to define your business space, orchestrate your business processes and architect and deliver an industry best solution. We enable you to attain higher SOA maturity with methodical and measurable implementation approach.

Enterprise 2.0 Development

North Point’s application development services revolve around service-oriented architecture, including J2EE and .NET, as well as client server development, to create solutions that address your business needs and technical requirements. With expertise and resources in the primary development environments, we can build or modify your mission-critical applications to ensure reliable delivery of the services you need to compete in today’s marketplace.

With an emphasis on service-oriented architecture, North Point drives down the total cost of application development by employing reusable components. Whether you are deploying with J2EE or .NET, our focus on planning the interaction of rules, services and flows ensures that your application supports your long-term strategies.

North Point does development will not be short-term. We focus on the application lifecycle and build with an eye on your future needs. Well-planned, quality development can reduce future resource requirements for maintenance and support of an application and simplify configuration management and performance. Quality development not only reduces the total cost of ownership for an application, but is essential for integrating the new and emerging technologies necessary to remain competitive.

To ensure high-quality, high-performance applications, we offer software quality assurance and testing. Applying software quality assurance techniques early and often can eliminate errors before they become costly.

Web 2.0

North Point delivers next generation of online services through web. Our Web2.0 center of excellence encompasses essences of Web 2.0 concepts and builds application and services to enable social interaction possible. Apart from enabling and building social networking, North Point specialize Web 2.0 governance for enterprise to adhere quality on social interaction and avoiding any system misappropriation.

North Point extensively leverages Web 2.0 technologies to develop Internet Applications and to provide customized Open Source Solutions. Our team frequently uses the following technologies in their Open Source product development and project customizations. Typically, Web 2.0 would include some of the following techniques:

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