North Point is skilled with the understanding, resources and expertise to fulfill the requirements of many types of industry challenges. We understand the importance of attaining a competitive edge in today’s fast paced market. Our project managers possess strategic abilities and superior customer service approach dedicated to serving the needs of all clients at each level of our service delivery system. Client benefits are enforced to ensure client satisfaction and innovative solutions with a dedicated team here at North Point who are set out to deliver all key components of services that will be beneficial in all aspects.

With a focus on production excellence, we help minimize costs, increase efficiency, improve quality, and deliver measurable improvements in all areas of manufacturing. We take a holistic approach, addressing strategic challenges, core processes and capabilities, performance management, and cross-functional alignment. These are some of our primary focus areas:

Management Strategy

Focus on overall corporate strategy, address needs and help clients make key decisions. We take into account competitive differentiators and core competencies to help clients form their goals and manage other options to enhance their business and productivity.

Network Strategy

The primary goal is to provide a roadmap to guide clients with infrastructure, operations and people. Our objectives are to understand the current state, major requirements and business drivers, then identify the gaps, develop key recommendations and prioritize costs.

Management Operations

We help our clients streamline production processes, boost efficiency and utilization, reduce costs, lean techniques, increase flexibility, and ensure consistency and knowledge sharing across all operations.

With our broad network of expertise and deep experience with leading companies of different genre, we can deliver optimal operations that provide a long-term competitive advantage.

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